International Art Dealer Association


Introduction & Overview

International Art Dealer Association(IADA) offers basic information, details for art investment, tax laws, and all the knowledge art-related knowledge, which is also included in its academic programs. This association issues Art Dealer Certificates to those who complete all the courses provided by the association.

Art dealers discover various new artists and emerging ones, and also pay attention to them. Furthermore, they connect art collectors, galleries, and museums with one another, and lead art market trends worldwide.

IADA educates art dealers focused on art market, depending on styles, period, region, and so on.

In order to understand business in art, art dealers keep their eyes on not only art lectures but also the market trends constantly. Additionally, they comprehend art costumers’ tastes and trends. Compared to other industries, art market is easily influenced by world economy. Then, the lectures are provided which suggest correlation between economy and art.

Art dealers who graduated from IADA and IADA itself find South Korean and international emerging artists, promote them persistently, and guide them to broaden their market and invest in art works for the future value.

For discovering better artists and artworks, art dealers visit worldwide exhibitions, art auctions, artists’ studios where selected art dealers from the association purchase the artworks. The purchased artwork is later sold in a new market like art fairs, or is sold directly to art collectors, giving IADA art dealers practical field experiences.

In addition, the association provides necessary art information, shares them, creates a community of art dealers make an art dealer community, and provides growth opportunities for the association and its members to be influential worldwide.

Those who love art share the feelings and interact each other with the travel. They would feel arts and architectures intimately.

International art tour is an art trip program with professionals which offers to experience historical attractions, museums, art fairs, biennial art shows, and others, learning each cities’ culture, architecture, and art.

Especially, artistic professionals form and organize all the traveling details. The trip would be extremely valuable compared to any other types of traveling.

Organization Chart